Green Awareness Promos


We Provide Innovative and Creative Green Solutions to your Promotional Product, Graphic Design, Marketing Material, Award and Exhibit Booth needs!

Our mission is to help you or your company acheive your dreams of success, through problem solving, idea generating and effective Green promotions in a Environmentally responsible manner!


Featured Products

Pocket Pads®

Convenient portable tools are always a welcome giveaway.

  • Featuring a full wrap gloss cover and Stik-Withit® repositionable notes.
  • Cover and sheets are printed in digital 4-color process
  • 3 convenient sizes to fi t all needs
    • 3 x 3” with 50 leaves
    • 4 x 3” with 50 leaves (also available with 3x3” + 1x3” double pad option)
    • 5 x 3” with 50 leaves (also available with 3x3” + 2x3” double pad option)
    • 5 x 3” with 25 leaves and 125 flags
  • Go green: Pocket Pads available with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper. Call for details.

Why you should Use us!

We listen to your needs and goals to find you the right products and green solutions to your challenges!

Our Outstanding Creativity and in-house GraphicDesign!

We only offer HIGH quality Green products and services! Like 3M, Papermate, Bic,  and many others.  You and your Brand are important to us, so we strive to help you with only products that are good for the environment and will reflect well on your company!!

We help your bottom line by bringing you more value for your money and offering Monthly specials!

We will help you through the process of defining goals and determining your needs all the way  to setting your plans in motion and tracking your results, or just providing the promotional products, executive gifts, sales incentives or awards if that is all you need.  Start to finish, we are here to facilitate your success in building awareness about you and/or your product/service, gaining new customers as well as rewarding your customers and employees!!

We can get you motivated, get your creative juices flowing and even suggest speakers, books and other ways to educate yourself, if that's what your needs are.

We can also supply your Promotional Company Stores: Online and Catalog, for the public or just your employees!

Custom Designed Promotional Products, Trade Show Booths and Marketing Materials!

We can match the perfect products to license for your book or product/service as well as custom designing promotional products and importing.

We can service all your departments including Sales, Marketing,  HR, Safety etc.

More than 20 years of serving our happy customers!!

We offer exceptional customer service before, during and after the sale, 24/7!

We are here to serve you and give you the best customer service around or if you like to do your own searching, feel free to browse and even order with our online Promotional Catalog.